Travelling to Mozambique:

Kindly note the following aspects in order to ensure a smooth trip to Mozambique.

  1. If you are South African or SADC region citizen, you will not require a visa for Mozambique.

Foreigners will require a visa, which can be purchased at the border for a fee of R1000.00.

  1. If you intend to bring your vehicle over the Border, you will require the following:
  • Vehicle license papers
  • Letter from the financer of your vehicle (bank or other)
  • Proof of insurance. We suggest that you take out third party insurance (approximate cost is  R280.00)
  • Please note that only 4 x 4 vehicles will be able to drive the route to the Resort, as there are no tarred roads, only sand.

There is a secure parking area on the South African border side, where you will be able to leave your vehicle for a charge of R40 per day.

Transfers from the border can be arranged

1 Person R200.00 one way
2 Persons – R200.00 (R100.00 per person) one way.
3 Persons – R300.00 (R100.00 per person) one way.
4 people and more R80.00 per person one way.

A trailer can also be arranged for a fee of R200.00. Kindly discuss your travel requirements when making your reservation if required.

  1. South African Rands are an acceptable form of payment in Mozambique, or you can use the local currency; Meticas. The Mozambique currency rate fluctuates, so please ensure that you are aware of this. ATM’s are available near the Resort, however only dispense Meticas so should you require Rands, we suggest that you draw money from Kosi Bay / Manguzi (the last town) before coming over the border.
  1. There are limited grocery shopping and butchery options available in Ponta Do Ouro, and we therefore suggest that if you are planning on self-catering, that you bring much of what you will need with you. We suggest that all meat be vacuum packed. Please note that no food can be taken back over the border, and will be confiscated.
  1. No animals are permitted over the border.
  1. Items are permitted to be taken over the border, however the following limits apply:
  • Alcoholic Drinks:  1 litres of spirits and 2.25 litre of wine
  • Perfumes:  50ml perfumes
  • Pharmaceutical products:  Quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption
  • Other goods:  Up to a value of R2000 to R3000
  • 120% will be charged on any items over this limit. The border authorities are aware of the prices of liquor, and hence you will not be able to negotiate the amount.

Please DO NOT DRINK on the border, as this may result in you being denied entry!